Organic farming is the holistic approach to managing crops in harmony with the ecology of nature.
The organic production of Agroherni is obtained in our farms specifically certified for that purpose. Crops are coordinated by experts in the fields of organic agronomy and harvesting and as well as in field of specialised machinery.
Agroherni uses a variety of alternative methods in harmony with the environment to obtain balanced soils and produce healthy crops.
Our Eco Certification ensures consumers that our practices have been approved by an authorised certification company.
So as to respond to growing consumer demand, we are continuously expanding the agricultural surface areas devoted to organic production.

Baby Spinach  bio

Org. Baby Spinach

Broccoli  bio

Org. Broccoli

Cantaloupe /Organic Cantaloupe  bio

Org. Cantaloupe /Organic Cantaloupe

Celery Sticks  bio

Org. Celery Sticks

Iceberg  bio

Org. Iceberg

Little gem  bio

Org. Little gem

Mini romaine  bio

Org. Mini romaine



Romaine lettuce  bio

Org. Romaine lettuce

Zucchini /Organic Zucchini  bio

Org. Zucchini /Organic Zucchini