Corporate social

Agroherni SCL since its inception has maintained its unwavering commitment to the society and the environment.
Our SUSTAINABILITY strategy is based on the following principles and values

OUR PRINCIPLES To meet current needs without compromising future needs.
To undertake the commitment to minimise as much as and to its full extent possible the impacts on the society and the environment due to its entrepreneurial activities.
To produce better and more, using less consumption of energy, water, greenhouse gases, waste, fertilisers, pesticides.
To create a work community, workers connected to the company and each other. Committed to our mission and vision. A commitment to its people.
Research and innovation as the greatest mainstays underpinning Agroherni, always intended to enable the company to offer the best products to customers.
To develop safe workplace environments having as an objective "zero-accidents and occupational diseases."



Our mission

To supply our clients and society sustainable products through our operational excellence and technological innovation, based on the dedication and passion of the best and most motivated staff.

Our vision

To be pioneers and leaders in the development of responsible agriculture: with people and the environment, obtaining high crop yields.