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- Use the D-SPLICER splicing needle to make a Dyneema softshackle. Make sure to only clamp the tip of your rope between the D-SPLICE...


Dyneema sleeve by meter. Removable sleeve for dyneema soft shackles. Dyneema is an ultra-shear and abrasion resistant fiber. It is the material used to make cut resistant gloves. Material: 16 strands of dyneema; Cut-proof: truly effective protection against wear and tear; Made in: Italy.

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soft shackle for sailboats. 40630. Dyneema is an UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene) or HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) fibre .At present, it is the most strongest force chemical fiber in the world. Its molecular weight at 100 to 500 million. ... Compare this product Remove from comparison tool.

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If your shackle ever looks anything like a 5 or above, retire it immediately. Furthermore, to prevent such damage, a great thing to do is sleeve your soft shackles in a protective sheathing. A piece of rope sheath from a large static rope or some of our special Dyneema Shackle Sleeving material works wonderfully.

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It's made from 3/8" Dyneema SK75. I did a certain knot, that is preferable to others. Wasn't easy getting the knot to tighten, but I plan on making a small jig setup to get the next ones even tighter. You can get Amsteel Blue and such for less than $2/foot. My 6" diameter shackle above, took about 7.5 feet to make.

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Skip to compare menu. WEST MARINE. Dyneema SK-75 Soft Connectors, Soft Shackle, XL. (1) $27.99. Compare. Skip to compare menu. WICHARD. SoftLink 3.0 Soft Shackle 3mm X 70 mm.

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Dyneema soft shackles are relatively new and hardly common place. I am sure in the fullness of time the role of dyneema soft shackles will become better established - but we have much to learn. It took years for dyneema to be acknowledged as UV resistant and the abrasion carachteristics of dyneema has taken decades to define.

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H/Duty Soft Shackle (4pck) - Cert 2.80 tonne breaking strain - 4mm Dyneema® Pack of 4 x 4mm Dynice 75 Dyneema® Australian Made soft shackles Uses: Universal application including boating, recreational, fishing, maritime, self-recovery Excellent replacement for metal shackle as it will not rust or damage other surfaces. Construction: made from Dyneema® the strongest, …

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Dynamica Soft Shackles are synthetic fibre connections produced with HMPE/Dyneema® formed into a shackle. Offshore, the Soft Shackles are used for connecting pennant and main towing line during tugging and towing; it is a lighter and smarter connection that replace conventional cow hitches, steel shackles or similar hardware.

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Dyneema Soft Shackles Offer Outstanding Strength at a Fraction of the Weight of Conventional Steel Shackles Soft shackle uses are seemingly endless. Current uses include: 4X4 Off-Road Towing Lifting Anchor Snubbers … and any …

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Dyneema is too slippery, however, and benefits from a noose. Even though soft shackles have been used for more than two centuries, sailors are constantly inventing new uses. If you have found interesting or novel uses for soft shackles and would like to share them, send us an email at [email protected] If you are sending photos ...

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10 dyneema winch lines: Editor Recommended # ... Comes with synthetic winch rope, heavy-duty snap shackle and rubber stopper. Each rope also includes a spliced eye on one end and a terminal end on the other .Heavy duty stainless steel tube thimble with gusset for superior eye protection (terminal end can be removed if not required by winch) ...

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Dyneema soft shackles work great for attaching sheets, might look like they could come undone but they just don't. Handy on a cutter so you can have eyes in the sheets instead of bowlines which like to catch the inner forestay when tacking . 20 Jun 2021. #3.

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Jan 4, 2010. #1. I stumbled across these "soft shackles" and thought they would have interesting applications for recovery. They are made of Dyneema fiber (same stuff as Amsteel Blue) and originated in the marine industry. I found some that had a breaking strength of 16K pounds and working load limit of 8K pounds.

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Dyneema shackles, also known as soft shackles are made from quality Gottifredi Maffioli compact braid 12 strand dyneema rope. The shackles are very easy to open by hand so no more hunting around for that shackle key! 10% off your …

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Dyneema loops & softshackles zijn een veilige, makkelijke en lichtgewichte manier om blokken, beslag en zeilen te bevestigen aan boord. Loops & shackles van Dyneema: sterk en lichtgewicht JavaScript lijkt te zijn uitgeschakeld in uw browser.

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LIVE UPDATE: Zingaro is shipwrecked. Find out more on Kickstarter:https://

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Soft Shackle 3/5 X 22 Inch (41,000lbs Breaking Strength) Synthetic Soft Shackle Recovery Rope with Black Storage Bag and Protective Sleeve Rugged Off Road Recovery for SUV ATV Truck Jeep Towing, Red. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 34. Save 8%. $21.99.

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All soft shackles are based on the same simple principle of a short length of rope with a knot on one end that fits through an eye on the other end. You can tie them with any kind of rope that has a hollow core but they are typically made from Dyneema because of its superior strength for its size.

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Soft Shackles and other products made of Dyneema® are a perfect alternative for their steel counterparts. Find out more below. Learn More. Need something else? We specialize in custom products. If you need something else, we'll make it for you.

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I use soft shackles (I make them myself using Dyneema) around the boat but I would not use them to hold the anchor to the chain because of chafe. Dyneema is strong and relatively chafe resistant comparing to other rope materials but I don't think it would last long rubbing on chain and anchor. 21 Mar 2021 #9 Sandy ...

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APS Shackle Loops are handcrafted from Dyneema SK-78 in a range of sizes and lengths. The Velcro strap prevents them from coming undone. Dyneema is a low-friction fiber, so braided polyester line will run easily through soft shackles, meaning you can often get away without using blocks for applications such as preventer lines.

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Two strand dyneema soft shackle with button knot. The material is heat set SK78 dyneema from Langman Ropes (Q1). The shackles are made of 3mm material with a tensile strength of 3,100lbs.

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This is a load cell breaking strain test of a hand made soft shackle constructed from 4mm SK75 Dyneema rope commonly used on ATV winches, boat winches and ot...


Soft shackles are the lightest connectors available, but also one of the strongest, due to their 16 strands of SK78 dyneema. Soft Shackles with Cut Protection Sleeve. Each shackle is covered with a white sleeve, a truly effective cut-proof protection against wear, tear and abrasion. It stays removable.