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Program (OTEIP), or the Consecutive Overseas Tour/In Place Consecutive Overseas Tour (IPCOT) programs. Ë B. Voluntary Extension in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Certain Theater Units. On May 29, 2007, the Secretary of the Army was authorized to designate certain military

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The Army offers funding for a free flight back to Home of Record if the service member has completed an overseas tour and is traveling to another overseas tour, otherwise known as OCONUS. This can be used between any overseas duty location, whether that's from deployment in the Middle East to Hawaii, Germany to Korea, Japan to Puerto Rico ...

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This story was first published at 4:39 p.m. EST February 26, 2016. A congressionally authorized program that provides special incentives to enlisted soldiers who …


CONTINUOUS OVERSEAS TOUR (COT) ELECTION STATEMENT If you are PCSing to another overseas location, you have a COT travel entitlement. That is, the government will pay to send you to your home of record (as listed on your enlistment/reenlistment contract or EAD orders). You may take your COT entitlement en-route to your next assignment or you may


References (a) NAVSO P-6034 Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) (b) DoD Instruction 1327.06 of 16 June 2009 (c) DoD Instruction 1315.18 of 28 October 2015 1. Purpose. Per references (a) through (c), this article provides detailed guidance on eligibility, criteria, and execution of consecutive overseas tour (COT) and in-place

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Screening Requirements. When Soldiers who are currently assigned to an Outside of the Continental United States (OCONUS) duty location request an Intra Theater Transfer (ITT), Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT), In Place Consecutive Overseas Tour (IPCOT), or Foreign Service Tour Extension (FSTE) their Family members must complete the screening process …


station (PCS), consecutive overseas tour (COT) leave, renewal agreement travel (RAT), emergency leave, Rest and Recuperation (R&R), Funded Environmental Morale Leave (FEML), and personnel evacuations. For personal convenience when a traveler chooses to travel by a circuitous route, causing excess travel time.

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4. The category must be "Travel Pay" and the subcategory must be "Military- Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT)" or "Military- In-Place Consecutive Overseas Tour (IPCOT)" 5. Upload all the required documents that are specified in "Required Documents" section below. 6. Please wait 5-7 days for processing in DTS.

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Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) Leave - Alternate Location (JTR, par. 050812) Scenario: A Service member's PDS is in a location outside the OCONUS and the HOR is in a location in the CONUS. The round trip City Pair Program airfare cost from the PDS to and from the HOR is $980.

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Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) leave is to provide is Government-funded travel and transportation allowances for an eligible member and eligible dependents who are stationed OCONUS and is ordered to a consecutive tour at the same PDS or makes a PCS between OCONUS PDSs to serve the prescribed tour at the new PDS and is either unaccompanied or ...

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Enrollment should be completed at the time of initial diagnosis of medical problems and/or awareness of educational concerns. The program applies to adults as well as children up to 21 years of age. EFMP screening is required for all sponsors requesting command sponsorship, consecutive overseas tours, AIP or an addition to orders.

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Consecutive Overseas Tours, Low-Cost Moves, and Tours Affected by Families, page 18 Voluntary and involuntary consecutive overseas tours † 4–1, page 18 Low-cost move policy † 4–2, page 20 Tour lengths affected by Family members † 4–3, page 20 Joint domicile of married Army couples † 4–4, page 21

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Do you have a question about Army regulation? This is not an official government website. Curtailment, voluntary and involuntary overseas tour extensions, and consecutive overseas tours and inplace consecutive overseas tours. Establishment of tour lengths for overseas areas. SFC Join to see 2 y.

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2-15. Army Educational Requirements System/Family Life/CPE Utilization Assignments . Section IV: Special Considerations 2-16. High School Senior Stabilization Requests . 2-17. Exceptional Family Member Program Issues . 2-18. Short Tour Assignments . 2-19. Consecutive Overseas Tours (COT) and Foreign Service Tour Extensions (FSTE)

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I just received an RFO sending me to camp humphreys, Korea. I did not have Korea anywhere on my list of preferences and did not agree to a consecutive overseas tour. I don't want to go to Korea and spend 2-3 more years away from my family. I'm pretty sure that you need to volunteer for a COT assignment but can't find the regulation.

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Army Regulation 55 – 46 . Transportation and Travel . Travel Overseas : Headquarters : Department of the Army . ... o Adds medical requirements for Soldiers and Families for overseas assignments (para 2–2). o Updates designated place moves for Soldiers assigned to a dependent-restricted tour (para 2–7).


(1) Army Regulation 614-200, Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management on 25 January 2019. (2) Army Regulation 614-100, Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and Transfers, on 3 December 2019. b. Identify criteria and process for considering exceptions to policy and approval.

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The incumbent is responsible for processing/tracking to completion Soldier personnel actions in accordance with Army Regulation and DA Pamphlet 600 series (Awards, Foreign Service Tour Extension (FSTE)/Involuntary Foreign Service Tour Extension (IFSTE), Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP), Curtailment, Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT)/In-Place ...

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Developed for Soldiers who are requesting an in-place consecutive overseas tour in Europe. 1. Contact your local Military Personnel Division (MPD) to start the paperwork. You will need: - request for In-Place Consecutive Overseas Tour (IPCOT) using the DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action), signed by your commander - copy of your orders Coupons -

Q1: Can a Soldier be authorized non-chargeable leave together with Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) leave? A1: Leave granted in conjunction with COT is ordinary (chargeable) leave. Travel is the only entitlement that is free, IAW Title 37, US Code, and AR 600-8-10.


leave between consecutive overseas tours. Title 37. U.S.C., section 41 1g, travel and transportation a llowances incident to volun-tary extensions of overseas tours of duty. This also referred to as OTEIP. Title 37, U.S.C., section 501, payment for unused accrued leave not to exceed 60 days.

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it is alsoessential for successful execution of the individual dwell timedeployment policy, to include reporting requirements.b. the minimum length of an oconus dwell time event which can beannotated on the erb/orb is 30 consecutive days. all overseas tours anddwell time events will be displayed in section i, assignment informationwith the most ...

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If he is serving an in-place consecutive overseas tour, or IPCOT, you and your goods could be returned at government expense. Thank you for your question, Sibal.


1. DA FORM 4187 –Requesting IPCOT (In-Place Consecutive Overseas Tour) a.DEROS b.Command Sponsored Dependents information (if applicable) c.Soldier's Current Address d.Soldier's Travel Destination Address e.Soldier's Home of Record Address 2. DA FORM 31 (to verify leave address/account for your leave days) 3. ORB 4.

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This change-o Clarifies the applicability of the regulation to Army National Guard personnel in an. This regulation supersedes AR –10, 19 May .. Support priorities of AR 11–31, the Army Security Cooperation Strategy, DOD. ... Intertheater consecutive overseas tour A PCS reassignment between theaters for example, from the Pacific to the ...

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Establishment of tour lengths for overseas areas. c. Curtailment, voluntary and involuntary overseas tour extensions, and consecutive overseas tours and inplace consecutive overseas tours. d. The Overseas Tour Extension Incentive Program. e. Intra- and intertheater assignments. f. Time-on-station criterion.

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Army Material Command and the U. The Personnel Reassignment Work Center will receive form from S1, evaluate request, and if recommending. Family member travel when approved by the overseas commander 31— days after arrival of …

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So my wife heard from one of her friends that if you go from OCONUS to OCONUS on assignments of greater than 3 years, the Army will pay for flights to visit family during your PCS between duty stations.

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*Army Regulation 600–8–10 Effective 15 March 2006 History. This publication is a rapid action revision (RAR). This RAR is effective 20 ... Rules to request leave together with consecutive overseas tours † 4–17, page 15 Steps to request leave together with consecutive overseas tour † 4–18, page 16

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Frequently Asked Questions about Leave and Pass. Q1: Can a Soldier be authorized non-chargeable leave together with Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) leave? A1: Leave granted in conjunction with COT is ordinary (chargeable) leave. Travel is the only entitlement that is free, IAW Title 37, US Code, and AR 600-8-10.

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In Place Consecutive Overseas Tour. This is where you agree to complete another full tour of 24 months for unaccompanied Airmen or 36 to 48 months for accompanied Airmen. The primary benefit in receiving an IPCOT is that you and your command-sponsored dependents receive a travel entitlement.

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Together with a consecutive overseas tour (COT). To allow the use of an average of 30 days per year. To provide opportunity for leave to be taken as earned. To allow use of leave prior to separation. (It is not the intent of leave policy that large leave balances be accrued expressly for settlement upon soldier's release from active duty ...

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b. Soldiers stationed OCONUS receiving orders to an in-place consecutive overseas tour (IPCOT), or on PCS reassignment to another overseas duty station, may be authorized Government-funded travel and transportation allowances in connection with authorized leave from their last duty station (in accordance with DoDI 1327.06 and the JTR).

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Curtailment, voluntary and involuntary overseas tour extensions, and consecutive overseas tours and inplace consecutive overseas tours. Use information from multiple sources when making important professional decisions. Posted 12 mo ago. Posted in these groups: 6614-30 Up with Email. ... Army Regulations – USAHEC.

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attractiveness and professional development, sustaining an assignment base for overseas tours of duty, achieving stability for tour completions, developing tour lengths consistent with maintaining a high degree of combat capability and readiness, and achieving PCS stability.

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Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) & In-Place COT (IPCOT) - Military Relocation Agreement Travel (RAT) - Civilian Voucher processing Manual Submission guide to COT/IPCOT/RAT Submit all required documents to the [email protected] org box Required Documents • Checklist (compelete the approriate checklist, only fill out the top …

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COT: Consecutive Oversea Tour Type of leave awarded to a member who extends their tour of duty at an overseas duty station or who will be spending an additional tour of duty at another oversea duty station. CTO: Commercial Travel Office (SatoTravel) Back to Index. DA: Department of the Army Dependent: Military family members and children. There ...



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seas tour lengths, overseas tour curtail-ments, time-on-station, eligibility for over-seas service criteria, voluntary and involun-tary overseas tour extension, the Overseas Tour Extension Incentive Program, and consecutive overseas tours. It does not pre-scribe policies pertinent to Soldiers' com-pensation and entitlements for movement

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