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The TASER X2 marked our shift to double-shot technology, featuring a backup shot and warning arc to increase voluntary surrenders. Leverage the power of the Axon network Keep officers and communities safer and save critical budget by bundling our products and services.

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BLUEGUNS Taser X2 Training Gun Train safely by using a BlueGun simulator instead of a real weapon. This inert, detailed replica gives trainees the confidence to handle, balance and use this weapon. Product Specs Made of impact-resistant polyurethane Serves as a realistic alternative to using a live Taser X2 in training situations

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ASP Red Gun Training Replicas - TASER 7. ASP Red Guns replicate the exact appearance and handling characteristics of duty firearms. The distinctive molded-in color of Red Guns readily identifies them as "safe" to the public and in the training environment.


The TASER X26P/X2 Transition Certified User certificate template is available to print and provide to students as documentation of their course attendance and certification. The template is included with TASER's training materials in the Forms & Certificates folder.

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TASER® Operating and Owners Manuals and Instructions . All TASER X26, X26E, X26C, X2, TASER CAM, M26, M18, C2, PULSE and BOLT Operating Manuals are at the bottom of the page. TASER® weapons fire very accurately from a safe distance of several feet away with the use of barbed projectiles (probes) connected by insulated wire to the TASER.

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tins and relevant TASER training materials before using the TASER X2 CEW. Failure to comply with the product instructions, warnings, information, training bulletins, and TASER training materials could result in death or serious injury to the user, force recipient, and others. Obey Applicable Laws

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TASER Training does not give legal advice and nothing contained in these training materials creates any form of attorney-client relationship. Be sure to consult with your local legal advisors for any legal advice, guidance, or direction. TASER Training materials may include videos or …

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Start studying X2 Taser Test. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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An excellent Taser X2 training article written for law enforcement. Police officer safety is likely to be enhanced by this new tool. The Taser X2 is an improvement over the older Taser X26.

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Hurry and register for our Combined Taser Training Class and Baton/Handcuffing/OC Spray instruction! Limited space available! The 8 hour course consists of hands on instruction of the Taser X2, written test and live fire of the taser. Upon completion, you will receive a training certificate that is valid for 2 year.

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Study TASER V19: CEW X2 Certification Test (Part 2) flashcards from Nick Payne's ASPIS Training, LLC. class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone …

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ASP Red Gun TASER Training Replicas - TASER X2 Features: • Same size, looks and feel of real TASER®. • Fits snugly in duty holsters. • Red mitigates mistaken identity with real weapons. • Weight: 16.96 oz. • accurate …

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X2. X26P. X26. IMPORTANT: Law Enforcement credentials are required for the purchase of all Taser items. Handles Item Number Description Your Price View Est Qty Avail; 20008: AXON TASER 7 Conducted Energy Weapon Handle Only ... TSR T7 CART HALT TRAINING: $37.95 : 99+ 22178-TSR: TSR T7 CART HALT TRAINING ...

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TASER X2 Inert Simulator Smart Cartridge. Simulator Smart Cartridge Does Not Fire. Can be used repeatedly. Color: Blue/Clear Blast Door (Training Use) Range: Does not fire. Laser Simulates 25ft [7.26 m] Range. Purpose: Simulation cartridge for training and has no deployable probes. Propellant: N/A. Color: Black body, with transparent blast doors.

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X2. Professional Training. ... Train with a licensed TASER instructor at a training facility near you. From basic situational awareness to tactical self-defense tips, our certified TASER instructors are safety subject matter experts with practical knowledge and an understanding of real-life scenarios that can make a life-saving difference.

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Regular price$63.00. In Stock. Red Gun products provide a safe means of training law enforcement personnel to handle, transport, retain and present law enforcement equipment. TASER 7 / No Engraving - $63.00 USD TASER 7 / Laser Engraved - $68.00 USD TASER X2 / No Engraving - $63.00 USD TASER X2 / Laser Engraved - $68.00 USD TASER X26 / No ...

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ASP Red Gun TASER Training Replicas - TASER X2 Features: • Same size, looks and feel of real TASER®. • Fits snugly in duty holsters. • Red mitigates mistaken identity with real weapons. • Weight: 16.96 oz. • accurate replica. • Tough, solid polymer. • Red color for absolute safety. • Exacting Tolerances.

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Also Please Check out our Complete Line of Training Guns. Available Models: FSC2: Taser C2; FST7: Taser 7; FSX2: Taser X2; FSX2CHD: Taser X2 With HD CAM; FSX3: Taser X3; FSM26: Taser M26; FSX26: Taser X26 with Safety On; FSX26XDPM: Taser X26 with XDPM Battery; FSX26SO: Taser X26 with Safety Off; FSX26C: Taser X26 with Cam; FSX26P: Taser X26P

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· In April, I wrote an article about the new Taser X2 and some of its proposed advances over Taser's X26. I received a department-issued X2 yesterday and took the required block of Taser X2 training. I have a few thoughts. The X2 is slightly larger than the X26. From their spec sheet, the X2 is ½" longer, 1" taller, and ½" wider than ...

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Axon/Taser training material Department policy STUDENT MATERIALS: INSTRUCTOR MATERIALS: 1. Bureau issued Taser X2 2. Taser holster 3. Eye and Ear Protection 4. Inert Cartridges 5. 2 live Cartridges 6. Pen/Pencil and note taking material 1. Taser X2 and different holsters 2. Inert Cartridges 3. Conductive Targets for practical application

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And with dual lasers, cross-connect, and a more accurate smart cartridge, the future of TASER technology has arrived in the form of the X2. A dependable piece of law enforcement technology, the TASER X2 was developed with …

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Taser X2 Training Course. Security Training Center is proud to offer Taser Training. In this course you will be trained on the Taser X2 which is carried by law enforcement and security personnel throughout the country. The course is taught by a 26 year Chicago Police Department S.W.A.T veteran who works for our training academy.

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Steve Staskiewicz is Owner and President of Target Innovations, LLC. Target Innovations, LLC is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of the two-sided Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) training target that is the preferred TASER X2 - X26 - X26P training target of Axon Enterprise Inc. (fka TASER International).

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Scenario Training Objective: To provide realistic training in proper deployment of the TASER devices in a variety of real world scenarios and to provide the opportunity to apply learned knowledge and skills under a stressful yet controlled environment. Scenario training is a required component of the TASER Instructor Course. The more realistic

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Description: TASER CEW X26P, X2 and the new TASER 7 and TASER 7 CQ Basic Instructor certification course. With the release of Version 22, TASER has enhanced the Basic Instructor course to teach students how to develop and safely execute scenarios and isolation drills, provide more in-depth scenario training.

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Axon provides training for active duty law enforcement, military and selected security professionals. Get hands-on weapon training and practical knowledge from subject matter experts with vast experience in Axon products and an understanding of the complex issues that affect law enforcement around the world.

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El dispositivo electrónico de control (DEC) TASER X2 tiene un arco de advertencia visible y audible para ayudar a los agentes a rebajar la tensión. Pero si se necesita una descarga, cuenta con un disparo de respaldo, mejora la de carga al sujeto y punteros láser que optimizan la efectividad. Conectado a la red Axon, y con la opción de usar ...

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View training FAQs, user and voucher management consoles, and instructor materials. TASER Course Schedule. View a schedule of upcoming TASER Training Courses. Host a Course. Submit a request to host a TASER course ...

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Back Home Tasers Cartridges TASER X2 Training Cartridge. Previous product. High Voltage Tactical Tazer Gun $ 74.95. Next product. Taser X26 35 foot Special Duty Cartridge $ 64.95. Sold out. TASER X2 Training Cartridge $ 49.95. Blue Training Smart Cartridge for …

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The X2 Training Non-conductive 25 ft Smart cartridges have blue blast doors. These cartridges deploy probes with no electrical output. They are intended for training purposes only. AFID Every time a TASER cartridge is deployed, approximately 20–30 small confetti-like Anti-Felon Identification (AFID) tags are ejected.

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The TASER X2 marked our shift to double-shot technology, featuring a backup shot and warning arc to increase voluntary surrenders. The TASER X2's backup shot removes the need to manually reload and improves safety and performance in the case of a missed shot or clothing disconnect. Watch reload speed comparison.

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TASER Training TASER® X26P™ Transition Course Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEWs) Version 20.2 - Effective January 15, 2018 ... X26P Transition Course This course is designed to certify current M26, X26, X2 and X3 users in the basic operational theory and practical training required to safely and effectively operate the X26P Conducted ...

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users of the X26, and six officers who had no previous Taser experience or training. Compared to the X26, the X2 is a new design with additional functionality and has the capability to fire two shots, one after another without reloading, making a second shot more readily available to the officer if required.

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TASER X2; TASER 7; Decisions to use force against a member of the public are never taken lightly and police officers always consider a variety of factors to ensure that it is lawful, proportionate and necessary. While officers draw on training and experience, they ultimately must make real-time, split second judgements to balance the ...

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Taser X2 (User) Training. Course Hours: 8.0 Hours Course Description. Taser X2 Training for users. Prerequisites / Who Should Attend / Special Notes /,/,/,/

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the CEW. The X2 CEW is sold with cartridges that have a wire length of 15' (4.6 meters). The X2 CEW has an estimated useful life of 5 years. Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) TASER technology is designed to use electrical impulses similar to those in your body's nervous system to cause stimulation of the sensory and motor nerves.