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The benefit of Level II bullet proof vests August 30, 2021 tactical-ventilation-solutions 0 Comments Bulletproof vests have been given minimum performance standards by the U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to identify what they will protect users from.

Body Armour Canada Bullet & Cut Resistant Products

Body Armour Canada Bullet & Cut Resistant Products. NIJ IIIA 10x12" Soft Armour Panel. 185.00. NIJ IIIA Bullet and Stab Resistant Soft Armour Panel 10x12". 225.00. NIJ IIIA Bullet, Stab and Spike Resistant Soft Armour Panel 10x12". 255.00. BAC Mesh Cooling & Ventilation Vest for Body Armour. 55.00.

Body Armor Air Conditioning - Ballistic Vest Cooling System

Cool Cop Body Armor Air Conditioning. Whether you work in a desert climate or somewhere where it gets sweltering hot only a few months out of the year, you know that the heat of a ballistic vest can severely impede your ability to react quickly and keep your body temperature low enough for comfort and safety.. Cool Cop Body Armor Air Conditioning has the solution.

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All of our vests are equipped with Coolmax comfort foam, which makes to vests more comfortable and increases ventilation. Overview of the projectiles our bulletproof vest can handle. The unique composition of fibers will distribute the energy in the vest, so that the vital organs take minimal damage. Customer service;

TacVent Body Armor Ventilation - The Only Solution

We thank you for taking the time to look at the cop-invented and American-made TacVent – Body Armor Ventilation, the first and only passive ventilation device that allows the unobstructed flow and release of heat through true separation, using actual space, not matter – no spongy, meshy, absorptive material or inflatable devices, both of which can be counterproductive.

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Why You Need The Maxx-Dri Vest 4.0 Hockey Shoulder Pads Liner Ventilation Vest The Maxx-Dri Vest 4.0 is the pinnacle of ventilation and cooling ... View full details. Original price $ 125.00. Current price $ 97.00. | /.

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The liquid cooling and ventilation garment makes up the first three layers. On top of this garment is the bladder layer. It creates the proper pressure for the body. ... Another is the material used to make bullet-proof vests. The third fabric is fire-resistant. Cuff Checklist On their wrists, astronauts wear a short checklist of the tasks they ...

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Maxx-Dri Vest 3.0 Body Armor Ventilation The Maxx-Dri Vest 3.0 creates FULL 360 degree separation (space) between your body and your vest, allowing heat and moisture (perspiration) to escape. This keeps you drier and cooler in the heat, warmer and drier in the cold. FEATURES: Dual-chambered design for increased cooling/ventilation

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Specifications: Elite Armor GR bulletproof vest (women) - Degree of protection: NIJ Level IIIA. - Ballistic material: Twaron. - Number of layers: 40 stitched together. - Thickness: implants 7mm. - Surface material: Hard wearing cotton / Nylon. - Ventilation in the vest for maximal breathability. - Adjustable Velcro fastenings.

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Bulletproof vest with quick release system. The out cover is 1000D Cordura or nylon, stitched by high strength four ply nylon thread, very durable and sturdy.It is with full-protection (collar, front, back, shoulder, groin and side protection), reducing the wounds to the lowest level efficiently.

Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest - Ace Link Armor

Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest provides ballistic protection to ensure the wearer is safe when he needs it the most. Ace Link Armor Skeletac Hybrid Body Armor provides comprehensive ballistic protection to ensure the wearer is safe when he needs it the most.NIJ.06 IIIA structure will stop multiple rounds of various handgun threats (up to .44 magnum).

221B Tactical Maxx-Dri Vest 4.0 - Body Armor Ventilation

The Maxx-Dri Vest 4.0 is the pinnacle of body armor ventilation and cooling technology. it features a patented new material and design elements. Order 221B Tactical Maxx-Dri Vest 4.0 - Body Armor Ventilation from Bulletproof Zone today. FREE Shipping & Insurance on all our Bullet Proof Vests.

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An air cooling apparatus for cooling a bulletproof vest having a front panel section and a rear panel section is provided with a first and a second hollow tubular member. Each of the tubular members has a plurality of holes in the upper wall thereof for …

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COOLMAX PRO STAB & BULLETPROOF VESTS - WHITE The CoolMAX PRO range is a versatile line of premier covert carriers for optimal under-clothing protection. Made of high-quality breathable and comfortable material, the models offer a comfortable fit that renders them discreet and almost invisible without compromising

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The level of protection of the bulletproof vest . from above mentioned standards is chosen by the customer. Standard Features •nner spacer (mesh) fabric providing ventilation; I •wo fixed adjustment straps on the shoulders; T • Elastic adjustment straps provide a firm and comfortable fit …

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A lot of attention gets place on bulletproof vests for men, but women's ones don't get nearly the amount of attention or care that they should. Women's protection is just as important as men's, and we decided to put together a list of the best options for a womens bullet proof vest to help make buying one that much easier for you.

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Body Armor too hot? 221B has a solution to beat the heat while wearing your bulletproof vest out on patrol as a police officer or security guard. Check out m...

BAC Mesh Cooling & Ventilation Vest for Body Armour

The BAC Mesh Cooling & Ventilation Vest for Body Armour increases airflow and ventilation on the inside of your bullet resistant vest and allows heat and moisture to escape. This will allow you to feel less sweaty in hot and humid climates and/or after a long and arduous shift.

Swiss Design Bullet Proof Vest With Built-In Air Conditioning

Bullet proof vest with built in AC There's a lot of science that goes into creating fabric that breathes, is fire-resistant or has low water absorption. From extreme sports and expedition clothing ...

AirVest body armor ventilation system

Anyone who has worn a bulletproof vest knows that it does not only stop bullets, it also blocks heat and sweat… inside! Recently, 3D mesh fabrics have been used in different ways to help cope with the lack of ventilation under body armors.

Best Bulletproof Vest in The World | Reviews & Buying Guide

For example, overt vests seem to be the best bulletproof vests for civilians whereas covert ones for the professionals like those in the military and police. Conclusion While concluding the review, BARSKA Men's Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest is what we recommend for our users because of the high-grade material, strength, and durability.

221B Tactical Maxx-Dri Vest 3.0 SL - Body Armor Ventilation

The Maxx-Dri Vest 3.0 SL provides you with the body armor ventilation you desire, without excess bulk...ideal for those with tailored uniforms or who work in more temperate climates. This lets you focus so you can get the job done and get home safe.


The level of protection of the bulletproof vest from above mentioned standards is chosen by the customer. Standard Features • Inner spacer (mesh) fabric providing ventilation • Adjustable elastic straps provide a firm and comfort - able fit • Easy-care, dry-cleanable polycotton, polyamide or polyester outershell • Removable ballistic panels

MAXX-DRI Vest by 221b Tactical - Spartan Armor Systems

The MAXX-DRI Vest is designed to fit under a plate carrier and provides increase ventilation, resulting in better cooling and breathability. The MAXX-DRI Vest is perfect for those who wear a plate carrier for an extended period of time such as Law Enforcement, Security Professionals, or civilians undergoing long periods of training.

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221B Tactical Men's Maxx-Dri 3.0 Body Protection Airflow Ventilation Police Vest. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 158. $94.00. $94. . 00. FREE Shipping by Amazon. MILITAUR Adjustable Ventilation Vest - Body Armor Ventilation for Law Enforcement, Military, Police & Airsoft - Helps Increase Air Flow Under Tactical Gear.

Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest Flexcore - Ace Link Armor

Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest provides ballistic protection to ensure the wearer is safe when he needs it the most. The Skeletac Hybrid bulletproof vest utilizes the thinnest and most flexible ballistic panel – Aramid Flexcore®. NIJ IIIA ballistic panels are made using aramid a combination of UD and woven aramid fabric.

Coolmax BulletProof Vest (White) – SafeGuard Clothing US

COOLMAX STAB/BULLETPROOF VESTS (COVERT WHITE) The CoolMAX range contains our premier covert carriers, offering optimum under-clothing protection. Both breathable and comfortable, these models are incredibly discreet and almost invisible during covert operations. These CoolMAX carriers offer optimum ventilation and ar

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A wearable garment for providing passive ventilation to a wearer such as when worn under an over-garment such as body armor. In at least one embodiment, a vest-configured garment constructed from a three-dimensional, flexible, honeycomb-type configured material having a compressible thickness.