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Rules for Using Semicolons. A semicolon is most commonly used to link (in a single sentence) two independent clauses that are closely related in thought. When a semicolon is used to join two or more ideas (parts) in a sentence, those ideas are then given equal position or rank. Some people write with a word processor; others write with a pen or ...

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In the first sentence, "a man" could be any and every man whose identity i do not know, whereas in the second sentence "the man" certainly refers to somebody you already know; perhaps, you are awre he will come to look for you. In summary, the use of this article is constant before consonants. The use of the article "AN".

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Prepositions are the words that join a noun, pronoun or the noun phrases and make each sentence complete. However, learning preposition is little tricky and hence, students should be conscious ...

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How to use it in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word it? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. I can't remember whose bright idea it was to add the radio to our sad little party. The State went out on its own and did what it wanted to do, which was to take the Indian lands for a song.

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Example sentences: " I visited my old neighborhood where I have the best memories. ". " I went back to the store where I bought my sweater. ". " I went to the library where I studied until 8 o'clock. ". " I went to my friend's house where we got ready for the party. ".

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Use: In a Sentence – WORDS IN A SENTENCE Definition of Use to utilize or make employ something for a purpose Examples of Use in a sentence The carpenter was able to use a …

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Scores of lorries usethe road every day to make deliveries to a bakery, builders' merchant and several other industrial units in the street. Use versals in the beginning of a sentence, …

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Using the En Dash to Denote a Connection. The en dash may also be used to indicate a connection between two words. Use an en dash when you need to connect terms that are already hyphenated or when you are using a two-word phrase as a modifier. When the dash is used in this way, it creates a compound adjective. See the following examples:

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A restrictive clause is a part of a sentence that may not be removed without rendering that sentence incomplete, difficult to understand, or with its meaning substantially changed. "The essay that covers grammar is very boring" contains a restrictive clause ("that covers grammar") that is important in making the sentence understood.

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. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "or" Use or in a sentence. It's up to me whether I kill you or let you live! His brothers, sisters or he himself is to go to the station to meet their father.

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12 Ways to Use "for Example" for Clearer Writing. 1 Start with "for example" if your example is a whole sentence. 2 Use "for example" mid-sentence with a list or phrase. 3 Move "for example" to the end to improve readability. 4 Set "for example" off with commas. 5 Omit the comma within parentheses.

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English words and Examples of Usage use "in which " in a sentence She had a very vivid dream in which she felt she was flying over the countryside. We cannot always anticipate the ways in which natural systems will adjust to changes induced by the activities of modern society.

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If you are not sure what article to use with a noun, use the basic questions on the following chart as a guide. Here below are the example of Article; and for your information, in each details as well as sentence example, the group of (black) bold word(s) that use article word.

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The word 'that' is a common word in English that is used in many different ways. Did you notice the use of 'that' in the previous sentence? In this case, 'that' was used as a relative pronoun as a complement. Often 'that' can be used or left out of a sentence entirely. For example, many English students know (that) you can leave out 'that ...

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The sentence refers to an event which may or may not take place. An alternate practice, borrowed from the Spanish, was to commute the death sentence and allow the use of convicts as a labour force for the colonies.

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Use the up and down vote icons to the right of a sentence to vote for examples and see how useful other users have found the individual sentence examples. This feedback can help you …

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Rule 6 (Use etc. only once in a sentence) Avoid using etc. more than once in a sentence. Some people think it's cute to use "etc." more than once in a sentence or they want to focus on other items by writing etc. thrice. (a) I have to buy shoes, socks, cap, gloves etc., etc., etc., from my salary. (Wrong sentence)

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Use In A Sentence is an online website that helps you write better sentences with specified words or phrases.

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Here are a few rules to help you understand when to use in, on, and at in a sentence. For describing time and place, the prepositions in, …

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There are some conflicting rules on whether to use the codes for an en or em dash or type two — or three hyphens together — as shown. Hyphens and dashes cause confusion, but the simple rule on how to use them in a sentence is that hyphens join two or more words or parts of words together, while dashes separate phrases from other content.

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254813 I use it. CK 1 1954278 Use this. CK 1 1112089 It's no use.Scott 1 2549797 Can I use it? CK 1 2253835 Use my place. CK 1 2253838 Use them all. CK 1 2253845 Use your gun. CK 1 2253847 Use your key. CK 1 430893 I use Firefox. CK 1 1279106 I use Twitter. donkirkby 1 2249820 Please use it. CK 1 2253843 Use your feet. CK 1 2253844 Use your fist. CK 1 …

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2. I don't know if "in a sentence" is correct, does it? should be I don't know if "in a sentence" is correct, is it? 3. I'm still confuse. (the "ed" is necessary I'm still confused.) 4. "have" and "had": the use of these helping verbs to form past tenses is explained: here.

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Sentences often convey meaning by using contrasting ideas. For example: He should try to be magnanimous. Being selfish and bitter towards others …

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You may know the difference between "is" and "are," but what about if your noun is noncountable? Or you are choosing between two subjects? Figure out when you use "is" and "are" with several examples and explanations.

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Take a look at the correct use of these prepositions with basic definitions and several examples. Dictionary Thesaurus Sentences ... There are hundreds of grammar rules but the basics refer to sentence structure and parts of speech, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. ...

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When to Use "A" in a Sentence. The other indefinite article is "a." As a general rule, chose "a" when the word that comes after it sounds like it starts with a consonant, even if it's actually a vowel. Sometimes weird things like that happen. English is complicated.

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The meaning of USE is to do something with (an object, machine, person, method, etc.) in order to accomplish a task, do an activity, etc. See more meanings of use. How to use use in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of Use.

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How to use "who" in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences "who". 20 examples of simple sentences "who" . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something or that is ...

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How to use such as in a sentence Looking for sentences with "such as"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Remove the stalk from leafy vegetables such as sorrel, spinach and silverbeet. People with bad eyesight usually need to wear corrective lenses, such as eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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This answer is not useful. Show activity on this post. 'that is' means 'in other words'. If you put a comma after 'that is', it becomes like an extra phrase in the sentence, so it doesn't matter whether the noun following is singular or plural. Share. Improve this answer. Follow this answer to receive notifications. answered Sep 17 '17 at 11:20.

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When to Use A The basic rule for using a in a sentence is Use a before words, abbreviations, acronyms, or letters that begin with a consonant sound, regardless of their spelling. For …

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Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator.

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Mar 24, 2006. #2. Dear EmilyAnne, We use (in ) we have a space, for example when you are sitting on a wooden hard chair you must say (on) a chair but when you have sitting in a soffa you must say (in) a soffa because the surface of a soffa is very smoth and soft. As well, when you are driving on a high way if you have much speed you must say ...