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M40/M42 Gas Mask Microphone Detach. Sale! $ 14.99 $ 6.99 Add to cart. M40/M42 Gas Mask Microphone Detach. Dynamic Microphone Detach. For the M40 and M42 Gas Mask. NSN: 2-4810. P/N: 4700-WBR. Dynamic microphone model M-133/U. SKU: 1449 Categories: All, Army Gear, Clearance, Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)

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The M40 field protective mask is currently being replaced by the M50 joint service general purpose mask. [1] [2] On September 2, 2017, the Philippine Marine Corps received 1,000 M40 gas masks and C2 filters through the U.S. Embassy 's …

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Hamish. Ok so turns out I can just make it so you guys can view it. Take whatever you guys want from it, just make sure to not pass it off as your own (you're welcome to use them in pac3 examples, just make sure people know that you got them from here.) Most, if not all of it is just basic model then material.

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The Avon M50 / FM50 gas mask was specifically designed to meet the latest NATO force's military mask requirements. Developed to counter the multiple CBRN threats encountered in modern war fighting, anti-terrorist and peace-keeping operations, this Avon M50 gas mask brings a whole new dimension to respirator design, comfort and protection.

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niosh approved with the 3m™ full facepiece respirator fr-m40 for sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, cn, cs and p100 particulate.contains both a carbon bed and particulate filter.designed to help provide respiratory protection against certain airborne contaminants when used in accordance with all use and limitation instructions …

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M17 GAS MASK OUTLET VALVE DISK. Our Price: $4.00. M17 Gas Mask Voice Mitter Outlet Valve w/ Drinking System Inlet. Our Price: $4.99. 60 to 40 Gas Mask Adapter. Our Price: $5.99. 2 - M1 Outsert Eye Lens for M17A1 Mask. Our Price: $5.99. NEW M25A1 Tank Gas Mask Hood.

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USGI Army Military M40 Gas Mask Size... $165.00 USD. USGI Army Military M40 Gas Mask Size... $165.00 USD. USA. Avon #2 UK Gas Mask With Filters And... $348.00 USD. Avon #2 UK Gas Mask With Filters And... $348.00 USD. USA. GAS MASK. $149.99 USD. GAS MASK. $149.99 USD. USA. SGE Spectacle Frame w/Arms Fits SGE...

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The M40 gas mask has a compact design and is under three pounds in weight. You might then take this with you everywhere you go, allowing you to escape air pollution. Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant Emergency Response Team member wear M40 gas mask

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Avon M50 US Military Issue Gas Mask, JSGPM, Joint Services General Purpose Mask. Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings. ( 2 customer reviews) $ 425.00 $ 395.95. Size. Choose an option Small Medium Large. Clear. Avon M50 US Military Issue Gas Mask, JSGPM, Joint Services General Purpose Mask quantity. Add to cart.

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AVON M50 Gas Mask U.S. Military. $249.99. (61) Out of Stock. Select Options. Quick View. M50 Gas Mask Primary Filter Set (M-61) $59.99. (12)

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Gas Masks. Filter. Sort. Polish Gas Mask MP5 With Filter And Transport Bag, Protective Eye Lens, Authentic Military Surplus. $29.99. BreatheSafe Respirator/Gas Mask Kit With Storage Bag - Face Shield, Silicone Construction, Includes Two Filter Types. $149.99. Polish Tan MP5 Gas Mask With Filter - Like New, Military Surplus, Protective Eye Lens ...

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Features: For the M40 Gas Mask; Issue Type: USGI Manufactured by: Various Government Contractors; Country of Manufacture: USA Restrictions: ITAR Restricted – This item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States.

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The M40A1 Gas Mask is the standard protective mask used by the United States Army and United States Marine Corps since mid-1990s. It replaces the older M17-series gas mask. It provides respiratory, eye and face protection against chemical and biological agents, radioactive fallout particles, and battlefield contaminants. Features:

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The M40 was to be a return to conventional gas mask design with an external side-mounted filter canister, rather than the internal cheek filters of the M17, which were awkward to change, especially in a contaminated environment. The final prototype, the XM40, was approved for service and then designated the M40.

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M17 M40 Protective mask parts. Included in this lot are: 16 Brand new filters 3 M/L second skins 25ea nose cup disk valves 1ea chemical hood 2ea Devon kits (empty box) 9ea operators manuals 28ea waterproof bags 34ea disk valves 1ea voicemitter dist cover 10ea smoke 1ea clear lenses

Weight of everything including the shipping box is 33lbs 10oz

Shipping …

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M40 Gas Mask Nose Valve Disc New - Nosecup Nose Cup - 10 Pair Per Box - 11 Avail M40 Gas. Valve Per Box Nosecup M40 Gas - New Pair - Mask Nose - Disc Avail Cup 11 Nose 10 M40 Gas Mask. $62.99. 3 Ea. New Sealed Swiss Army Abc 74 40mm Schutzfilter Gas Mask Filter M40 M40a1 3 Ea. 40mm Sealed 3 Ea.

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1 - M40 Carrier pouch, OD Green 2 - M295 Decon kits Military surplus M40A1 Gas Masks in very good to excellent condition. These M40A1 gas masks are inspected and all parts are included. The M40 series of mask was designed as a replacement for the U.S. military's long outdated and terribly designed M17 series mask.

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Use code MASK-FILTER to get 10% off any filter with purchase of a mask. The M40 gas mask was designed as a direct follow up to the M17 that had been in service for nearly 30 years. The M17s were uncomfortable, cumbersome, and didn't have the greatest seal design. It was time for a replacement.In 1984, the U.S. army beg

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MILITARY M40/M42 M40A1 M-1 GAS MASK - Armed Forces Supply top MILITARY M40/M42 M40A1 M-1 GAS MASK SKU 13 $199.95 Out of stock Quantity: 1 Add to Bag Product Details The M40 Field Protective Mask is one of various gas masks used by the military of the United States and its allies to protect from field concentrations of chemical and …

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These gas mask canisters are compatible with 3M FR-6700DIN, 6800DIN, 6900DIN, 7800S, FR-M40, FR-7800B series gas masks. Gas mask canisters filter airborne contaminants to protect workers when facing CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) hazards.

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M40-A1 Gas Mask Features: * Improved Version of the M-40 with an Outer Layer Skin * Removable Outer Lenses * 2 Changeable, 1 Permanent Voicemitter, One on the Right or One on the Left Side depending on Canister Placement (This will depend on left or right rifle shooting) One in Front (Permanent) * Improved C2A1 Chemical-Biological Filter ...

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Avon M50 Gas Mask Buckles. $7.00. OUT OF STOCK. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart. Adding to Cart... 1 Quart Canteen for US gas mask hydration system. This is the canteen with special cap that allows you to utilize the hydration systems of US M17, M40, and M45 gas masks. Can also be used as a normal canteen. $8.00.

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TacProGear Gas Mask Pouch Coyote Tan. TPG-GSMK1-CT. $19.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. US Aircraft …

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M40 Gas Mask Description. The mask consists of a silicone rubber facepiece (made in small, medium, and large sizes) with an in-turned peripheral face seal, binocular rigid eye lens system and elastic head harness. Other features include front and side voice transmitters, a drinking tube that mates with the M1 canteen cap, clear and tinted ...

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Issued in. ILC Dover. The XM40 was a early prototype to the M40 gas mask. Categories. Categories. STANAG 4155. Article stubs. United States. Experimental Masks.

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M40 Gas Mask | Etsy Browse a wide selection of m40 gas mask and face coverings available in various fabrics and configurations, made by a community of small business-owners. Privacy Settings Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: basic site functions ensuring secure, safe transactions

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New old stock military surplus M40 series Clear Protective Lens Outserts. These are used to protect the original non-changeable lenses on your M40 series mask. They also offer an additional level of protection for your mask, and for your eyes. Easy to use and lightweight.

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The M40 Field Protective Mask is one of various gas masks used by the military of the United States and its allies to protect from field concentrations of chemical and biological agents, along with radio-logical fallout particles. This item contains the gas mask only!!! All additional accessories, such as canisters can be purchased from our website as well.

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Quoted: I have an M40 gas mask and it takes the standard 40mm filter canisters. All filter canisters have a shelf life and most of the common older ones are only good for 5 years. Some of the newer ones like the Scott filters are good for 10 years and the European ones for 13 up to 20 years depending on the model of filter.

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M40 GAS MASK CARRIER / POUCH . CH_MA317. $4.95. Add to Cart Add to Wish List. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. GI M17 Gas Mask Filters . CH_MA200. $12.95. Made In USA G.I. Made In USA G.I. Add to Cart Add to Wish List. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. U.S. G.I. Chemical Suit ...

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Gas Mask & Filter Set, M10M, Czech Military Surplus. Product #: 1962660. $43.15. Add to Cart. Add to My Saved Parts. Eligible for FREE shipping *. Gas Mask Carry Bag, Danish MKII, Canvas, Used (w/ Shoulder Strap & Side Pockets) Product #: 1797940. $10.53.