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With a hook knife you can cut the brake lines and land with rear risers. Without one, you're dead. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. They don't take up much space and can save your life. Quote #3 April 7, 2004 I think it's a good idea to have one. Now if you do end up needing it just don't drop it! Quote #4

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Not only are you a fool and irresponsible if you do not carry at least 1 Hook Knife on each skydive but you could very quickly become a Dead Fool! Related article: Cutting to the Chase What types of hook knives are available, which ones will do the job and which ones you might as well throw away! Article by Adrian Bowles (pictured).

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Learn about hook knife options on a skydiving container from the ChutingStar Crew.Order info on new containers:

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The Captain Hook Knife is based around the idea of an inexpensive yet very functional safety knife. This knife was developed for, but not limited to, use by skydivers, Fire/Rescue/EMS,

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USED SKYDIVING GEAR SELL YOUR GEAR COMPLETE RIG PACKAGE ... Rock Sky Market carries a wide variety of hook knives and pocket knives--including Raptor, Ripper, and Benchmade Knives! We can custom make hook …

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I replaced it a skydiving hook knife which is has two opposing blades mounted into a easy to grab fiberglass reinforced handle. When seconds count, I have my trusty - Jack the Ripper brand knife attached to harness and another one mounted below my hip on my skydive jumpsuit. check out or your nearest skydiving center about $30.00

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Hook Knives at Skydiving Gear. Aluminium hook knife with pocket. The patented handle design allows the user to grasp the knife and cut quickly.


Item No. K16909 : Description: YELLOW JACK THE RIPPER KNIFE : Price: $16.00; Pouch Color

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Hook Knife. £ 12.00. Classic skydiving Hook knife / Safety knife. This is constructed from plastic and comes with a Cordura pouch for mounting on your chest strap. This specific item/size/colour is not in stock for next day delivery. You can still buy now and it will be placed on order with the manufacturer and subject to manufacturers lead times.

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April 15, 2003. generally speaking, you should not have the hook knife anywhere near the normal motion of your pull (ie. on your right leg strap). last year i saw a hook knife placed on a jumper's right leg strap get knocked loose and it ended up cutting some lines resulting in a reserve ride.

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Since we knew about the important and eventually life saving differences between available hook knifes there was the plan to create a video related to this t...

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. $37.00. Add to Cart. UPT Polycarbonate Hook Knife. Rating: . $16.00. Add to Cart. Jack the Ripper Hook Knife w/Pouch.


Item No. K18505 : Description: CARBON BLACK JACK KNIFE : Price: $22.00; Pouch Color

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The Benchmade 9 CB, in black or yellow, has the ability to cut up to 1/2" diameter of rope and features a retractable safety blade cover. A carabineer clip and bottle opener are also part of the features of this all around hook knife.

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HOOK KNIFE: A hook-shaped knife with an inside cutting edge. Used in certain emergencies to sever problem lines or components of a parachute system. Hook Turn: (jar.) A canopy maneuver that results in a steep dive.

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hankytonk. · 3y. To clear a line over on your reserve. Why I wouldn't use it on a main is because what if it still malfunctions and you go to your reserve and find another line over, but you've dropped the knife or the blade won't cut it. That's the way I learned anyway and it makes sense to me. Reserve line over and if used always replace.

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We've taken the Infinity to the next level with wingsuit modifications. We offer dymanic corners, a semi-stowless deployment bag aka the "Party Bag", and ring cover hook knife mounts. The Party Bag provides smoother and more consistently stable, on-heading openings. Check out the Slow-motion video of the Party Bag exiting the container here.

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Home » Skydiving Accessories » Hook Knives. Hook Knives. Showing all 2 results. Add to Wishlist Square One 4″ Polycarbonate Hook Knife $ 6.50 – $ 8.50 Select options; Add to Wishlist. Square One 4″ Slotted Aluminum Hook Knife $ 29.95 ...

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After getting my own gear and hearing more than one rigger/coach say you dont have a hook knife?! You really should have one! Im really kind of pissed that no one ever mentioned it in AFF. I went through 30 skydives without …

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hook knife E. Procedures. General Prior to jumping with a camera, a skydiver should have enough general jump experience to be able to handle any skydiving emergency or minor problem easily and without stress. A camera flyer should possess freefall flying skills well above average and applicable to the planned jump. belly-to-earth

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Aerodyne Research, LLC 1725 Lexington Avenue Deland, FL 32724. P: (386) 279-7990 [email protected]

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He specialized in assisting those in wheel chairs who what to jump, saying he will always see them as the bravest people he has ever met. Besides skydiving his other hobbies are Vespa Scooters, Northern Soul music and football. Hook Knives Save Lives - …

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In what situations would a hook knife be useful? Should beginners purchase a hook knife? I recently learned that many experienced skydivers own a hook knife. I watched all the youtube videos I could but was unable to find a reliable pattern as to when you would want to make the decision to use the hook knife.

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Subscribe! https:// takes us through the Gerber Hook knife, which in his opinion is the BEST hook kni...

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The new Aerodyne Hook Knife! This hook knife, manufactured by Dakine for Aerodyne rigs, is used on the Aerodyne Icon, Icon V, Icon A, Icon Sport and Icon neXgen harnes/containers. Features: Two opposing stainless steel cutting blades Anodized aluminum handle Red tab with black snap for attachment in pocket Details Reviews

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Everything started with an skydive event in Germany which set a hook knife to the list of requirements. So I went to my Rigger (also owns a skydive shop) and told him about my new needs. I knew there were some knifes available for ~30 Euro and it was not my plan to spend a lot of money. It was just to fulfill the requirements for this event.

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Hook Knives, Skydiving Accessories. 4″ Polycarbonate Hook Knife $ 6.50 – $ 8.50 Select options. Goggles, Skydiving Accessories. Birdz Eye Wear Wing Goggles $ 14.99 – $ 19.99 Select options. Out of stock. Logbooks & Covers, Skydiving Accessories. Brand-X Logbook. Rated 5.00 out of 5

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Hook Knife. It may sound dangerous, but it is actually helpful to have a hook knife handy while skydiving. It is often referred to as the last line of defense of a skydiver because when something goes wrong and there is a technical issue, the hook …

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23.00€. Ex Tax:19.01€. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Compare this Product. Buy Now. Plastic hook knife with pocket. This is the New standard in plastic hook knives. This virtually indestructable hook knife is constructed of poly carbonate plastic, it features a high quality stainless steel blade. It measures 4.1 inches in length.